GLOCK Tactical Light (GTL 21) and Laser


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Now the GLOCK Tactical Light has a visible red laser placed efficiently within its compact housing. Able to function independently or in concert with the high intensity Xenon white light at the touch of a centrally placed mode switch, the red laser/light module is easily yet securely mounted to GLOCK pistols with the rail mount system. The laser is able to be zeroed with pinpoint accuracy and is designed specifically for "duty use" conditions. Both white light and laser respond to the ergonomically designed Touch Detent Switch where the selected lighting function firmly engages. Ideal for military, law enforcement and self defense situations. * EFFECTIVE MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010, THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO THE CITY OF CHICAGO, IL !!! 70 lumens.

No LED light Review by Ronald
This product is well constructed and the Laser is capable of pin point accuracy. The big negative is that the light is a bulb and not an LED. Disappointing......
(Posted on 1/27/14)
LED Review by Johnny
Great product but..........LED...LED...LED!!!!!!
(Posted on 1/23/14)
Deceit Design Review by Retired NC Intensive Probation/Parole Officer
This light needs to have many more lumens than 60. I want to completely blind my opponent. When I was working my super bright handheld Surefire tactical light has prevented me from having to discharge my firearm on several occasions due to the incapacitating ability of the blinding light.
(Posted on 11/19/13)
Ssgt usmc ret. Review by jimmyz59
Being not LED is a huge drawback otherwise awesome product as with all Glock products...
(Posted on 7/7/13)
LED Review by GlockFan
Should work on at least an upgrade to LED for these great Tactical Lights.
(Posted on 2/6/13)
Blown Away Review by 10th Hero
I ordered this Glock light on May 8th, and received it on the 10th. I just wish Glock lights could come equipped with LED Lights. Thanks Glock.
(Posted on 7/9/12)
GTL21 Review by Alan
I have had this light/laser combo for years and it has performed flawlessly. Battery life is outstanding. Wipe the lens clean after use at the range and ready to go. Operating controls are intuitive and easy to use. I did a lot of research before buying this light/laser combo and while there are cheaper alternatives, the Glock light/laser can't be beat. I would buy another and recommend it to friends.

(Posted on 1/13/12)
wow someone didn't do their homework! Review by glockguy832
while the fit/finish is nice, as the other review said not being led is a fatal close to $300 definately should have been led!
(Posted on 1/13/12)
GLOCK GTL 21 Review by Brownie
This light is well made, maintains accuracy, and is dependable.
(Posted on 12/31/11)
Glock Lights Review by RAngemaster
Great lights except for one "glaring" failure. Why would you market a light without an LED lightsource? This does not make sense. When I purchased thirty Glock 17 Gen4's for our department I did not buy the Glock lights for the simple reason that it was not an LED. I would have preferred to buy a Glock light but having a bulb that can burn out was a deal killer. Come on Glock get with the program and make these fine lights with LED's.
(Posted on 9/12/11)

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GLOCK Tactical Light (GTL 21) and Laser