GLOCK Duty Holster (G17/G22/G31)


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The tough basic model, with both left and right hand versions, secures the entire pistol safely with thumb break retention strap. Available in 1.77 in. (45 mm) belt width.  

Not available for 10mm, .45 AUTO and .45 G.A.P. pistols.

DUTY holster is only designed for G17/G22/G31’s.

Will not fit G20/G21/G37/G34/G35, ETC...’s.

Excellent Glock Holster Review by Robert
This holster fits my Glock 17 perfect with no slop. The thumb break snaps correctly open or closed. The molded in belt slide, fits my off duty belt close to the body, for concealed carry. The fixed holster angle, makes for a comfortable draw presentation. The trigger is well enclosed when holstered, allowing safe chambered carry. You can't beat the price, for a genuine, purpose built Glock product.
(Posted on 1/21/15)
best value for range holster Review by apteacher
I just got this holster and am very pleased. It was on sale and ended up getting it for under 20 bucks after combining it with other items to save on shipping. I like the traditional thumb break for this holster since it will be a range/field holster. It is one piece of plastic and thus can be easily cleaned when needed. I also like that there is no internal "pinch" retention. My thoughts are that this will ease the finish wear that is typically associated with those types of retention systems. Again, this will be used as a range holster. One thing was initially confusing about it though. The website states that they are not available for the 45/10mm frame size. That's fine, since I ordered it for a 17/22 size and it fits ok. It isn't tight but I don't think it is supposed to be. On the holster, it has molded in "Glock 45". Confused, I called Glock. A tech first said it would fit them all. I said, Frame sizes are different. Confused, he said to hold while he checked. He then came back and simply read the description on the website stating that the holster was not available in 45. Yeah....I read that too was my reply. I then repeated the reason for my call by restating my curiosity regarding the "Glock 45"molding. He then said he simply didn't know.
I had figured that the 45 likely refers to the width of the belt slot which is 45mm. I just wanted confirmation.
(Posted on 7/8/14)
Good, but not Perfection Review by NG
This is a decent product but it does not live up to Glock's motto of Perfection. There is no actual retention when the strap is not closed and it is a somewhat loose fit when the strap is closed. I also had some light surface scratching on the back of the slide near the back plate where the metal bottom of the snap touches the slide when the snap is closed. Glock could greatly improve this product, even if by simply adding some felt lining in key areas.
(Posted on 7/13/13)
not bad at all Review by Lee
I just got this holster and I really like it. Was very cheap and its very functional. I spent 40 bucks on one that I absolutely hate so this is a great replacement. Waiting on my expensive basket weave holster to get here so I can carry my tactical light as well. I would recommend this holster to anyone.
(Posted on 3/5/13)
perfection Review by Mr. Happy
just what is needed. covers all important parts of the pistol. sturdy and well built. fit the newer gen 4 g17 perfectly. whether stored in safe or in you hunting pack, this will get the job done and take care of your lady!

sure to create holster envy!
(Posted on 2/11/13)
Glock 22 best pistol protection Review by SingleSpeedRider
Very inexpensive holster that covers the pistol from the front of the weapon to the rear sight.. The pistol is easily removed from the holster with a flick of the thumb on the snap. Great holster
(Posted on 4/1/12)

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GLOCK Duty Holster (G17/G22/G31)