GLOCK Perfection Coffee Mug


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This ceramic GLOCK Perfection Coffee Mug is a perfect gift for a GLOCK lover. It comes in black with white GLOCK logo.
Better than expected Review by wiscmike
Very good looking mug, the picture doesn't do it justice. You will not be disappointed.
(Posted on 5/23/14)
gotta one gotta none gotta two gotta one Review by lukeskywalker
I have one I bought two years ago and I would like to buy another one but no matter what I do or how many times I try to access my account they will not let me in.Glock coffee mug:great mug.Glock customer service:is there any body out there?
(Posted on 7/1/12)
Glock Mug Review by Glock Boy
I purchased this mug and I found it held liquid as advertised. As well, the handle was perfect as it allowed me to grasp the mug with my hand without having to place my hand around the round and hot cylander. I would recommed this mug for anyone who does not have a mug and wishes to drink hot liquids in the morning or early afternoon. As well, it became a conversation piece around the office alloowing us to reflect on past pleasant shooting experiences with our trusty Glocks! As for the price, I feel Glock priced this item very attractively at $5 bucks. I found one used one on an auction site but questioned it's ability to hold liquids as it may have contained a gag-intended spill-hole to the unsuspecting new owner. Buy this product new and you will Thank Yourself! Thank You Glock! I wish they came free with my Model 35 gen 4 that I just purchased yesterday but I am glad I made this additional purchase! As for the black color, it does not run and the whiter letters stay sharp!
(Posted on 6/20/12)

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GLOCK Perfection Coffee Mug