GLOCK Entrenching Tool with Pouch


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A must have for any outdoor enthusiast; this innovative entrenching tool has a surface-treated blade that can be locked in three positions for multiple uses. The hardened saw located inside the handle can be quickly mounted if required. Folded up, the GLOCK e-tool can be easily stored in any backpack or vehicle. Comes supplied with a durable nylon pouch that can be simply attached to a belt or backpack.
Perfect for light* shovel work... Review by BertramGlock
I am a German firearms collector (HK, Steyr, Glock, German SigSauer, Pre-War Walther PPK, etc,...) and find German car owner. I ordered a Gerber shovel and read the reviews on the shovel and saw it in the local Ace Hardware. As a coincidence I saw this Austrian Glock E-Tool and immediately canceled my Gerber order due to the poor quality of that shovel. The Glock E-Tool arrived today. It is a neat design. Feels good in the hand and is made of quality materials. This is NOT a heavy duty trench tool which will stand up to the weight of your body on the blade or trying to dig out hard ground or cut through roots while digging. There is one YT video of the main handle folding in half while trying to do this. This is perfect for light digging jobs while camping and may withstand a larger hole if you are careful not to put too much weight on the handle. It is absolutely perfect for what I need it for, which is camping and long range shooting needs. I gave four out of five stars due to the quality of the bag, which is not Halloween costume cheap but it is not made to last either. It is a simple nice bag with a water drain hole and a nice belt strap but I can see where others write that the bag fails soon. Also, I would give five stars if this had been designed to be unbreakable for large digging tasks but then the small package would need to be redesigned. No, this is perfect for it's size and intent. Ten times better than the Gerber, for sure. Very happy with this purchase. We'll see how it holds up to Florida and Georgia soil this winter. PS... NO, it won't dig a 25 meter lap pool as the other reviewer so sarcastically wrote! LOL.
(Posted on 8/26/14)
Entrenching tool Review by Smith
First this tool is the best that I have seen it can take a lot of punishment and keep going. However the case that is comes with is the terrible I used it for 3 backpacking trips and it fell apart . Great tool but needs better case.
(Posted on 7/22/14)
Total Tool Review by TLT Sasquatch
This polymer & steel entrenching tool is awesome. It is light,durable and it's a Glock. The saw is an added benefit when you hit a root. It transform s into a shovel, saw and even a hoe.
(Posted on 6/28/14)
Weiner Bob Review by Glocky
It snapped in half while digging 25 foot deep pond.
(Posted on 10/21/13)
all most there Review by wayout back
If this tool also had a pick opposite the shovel when the blade is set in the hoe position, this tool then would be three tools in one and the best of the best, worthy of the Glock name.
(Posted on 2/20/13)
Glock Rocks! Review by Glock
Glock rocks!
(Posted on 9/30/12)
E TOOL Review by GOFER
(Posted on 3/1/12)

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GLOCK Entrenching Tool with Pouch