GLOCK 1-Pistol Range Bag


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This 8” x 12” black 1-pistol range bag with GLOCK Shooting Sports logo silk-screened on outside zippered pocket. The soft-shelled gun case features a padded pocket for the pistol and 4 magazine holders with enough room to accommodate a box of ammo.
Great little range bag! Review by Jessyka
This range bag although a bit small in size, is very roomy inside. I can perfectly fit my Glock 19, 3 mags, speed loader, eyes and ears (from Glock), and a box of ammo.
(Posted on 7/18/14)
range bag Review by gaston45
It's great
(Posted on 1/18/14)
(Posted on 1/18/14)
Good, compact range bag! Review by Chipster50
This bag is roomy enough for my Glock 19, four loaded clips, 1 box of ammo, and eye wear. (There's enough room leftover to also fit a suppressor) The exterior open pouch is nice for carrying a small flashlight, felt tipped markers, and some extra binder clips. The zippered pocket can carry ID or other small items that need to be secured. The dual zippers make it convenient to splay open the bag at the bench for easy access to everything. The only drawbacks for me: the handles could be a little larger, and there is no room for hearing protection. (I just fit it mine around the outside of the bag when going to the range, or I just use the protection the gun range provides, if available).
(Posted on 9/30/12)
Great Bag Review by Glockboy
Highly recomend this bag,,, has plenty of room for spare mags, and ample room for the pistol
(Posted on 6/4/12)
glock range bag Review by jimbo
If it was a few inches wider to accomodate ear and eye protection it would be the perfect one gun carry all.
(Posted on 4/1/12)
Great Bag Review by reloader0883
Got this when I bought my Glock and it's excellent for storage and a great way to keep your ammo with your gun at all times in your truck or home. The padded inner pocket is great becasue the magazines don't have contact with the pistol, so there is no marring of the pistol, and everything is held good and secure. Excellent product.
(Posted on 2/6/12)
Great bag! Review by Juju
bag has everything you need for one pistol, simple and cheap.
(Posted on 1/9/12)
1-Pistol Range Bag Review Review by JonInWA
Excellent bag; I've got one for each of my Glocks. All of them came with an unadvertised logo'd mesh brass bag as well, which i thought was a nice addition.

These bags are perfect for IDPA and/or GSSF matches. They're managable, portable, and durable. I also use them to store my Glocks in when they're not in use, due to their breathability. Another one is also used as my Glock Armorer's equipment and parts bag-the size works quite nicely, and most spare parts are carried in a clear plastic compartmented box carried in the main compartment of the bag.
(Posted on 9/29/11)

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GLOCK 1-Pistol Range Bag